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H. Andrew Hansen II, MD, FACS, FACC, FACPh

Central Texas Vein Center
Phone: 979-696-VEIN (8346)
Toll Free: 866-696-VEIN (8346)
Email: centraltexasveincenter1@gmail.com

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Welcome to CENTRAL TEXAS VEIN CENTER, the practice of Dr. Andrew Hansen, a board certified cardiovascular surgeon treating venous disease for over 30 years. Dr. Hansen is a recent recipient of the 2011 Readers' Choice Best Vein Center Award, and has received the Best of the Brazos Valley Award for vein services for the past 3 years.

CENTRAL TEXAS VEIN CENTER specializes in the latest treatment of varicose veins and its complications,treating the entire spectrum of venous disease. Whether you have spider veins, varicose veins, or venous ulcers, we can provide cosmetic and therapeutic options.

We are the first in the Brazos Valley to offer this minimally invasive technology called the VNUS™ ClosureFAST™ in an office setting. No longer are you required to go to the hospital and have a general anesthetic and vein stripping. We perform the Closure™ Procedure in our office with local anesthesia and you are able to return to normal activities, eliminating the down time associated with older approaches as there is little or no recovery. We also offer a full line of compression stockings and excellent diagnostic ultrasound to complement our surgical care.

Most patients are able to drive themselves home after treatment and any discomfort is easily relieved with over the counter medications. One of our patients, a golf professional, had a procedure in the morning and taught golf lessons in the afternoon.

Watch how easily your problems can be treated, no matter your age or condition.

VeinWave™ - The Lastest Treatment for Spider Veins

We are also proud to be the only provider in the region now treating spider veins with the latest FDA-approved procedure — VeinWave™. The Veinwave is a gentle, non-invasive solution to unwanted spider veins and telangiectasia on all body parts and any skin type, including ethnic and dark complexions. The Veinwave’s probe targets only the vascular area to be removed. This makes the procedure instant and painless. Immediately after the treatment, you can return to normal activity, including sun exposure. There is no need to wear bandages or compression garments.

Our goal is to treat each and every patient with utmost compassion and care, to offer the best professional medical advice and treatment plan(s), and to address all of the patient's concerns including cosmetic and medical results. We are totally committed to total vein care. Personalized care makes the difference. Rest assured all your questions and concerns will be addressed.

We proudly offer the VNUS Closure™procedure

  • Outpatient procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • Clinically proven
  • Fast and mild recovery
  • Covered by most insurance for patients with venous reflux
VNUS Closure procedure
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